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The following items cover recent changes to Debrief®.

Release 2.4

  • Associate a new task to the current note
    When creating a new task (e.g. to-do, assignment, discussion) while editing a note, the current note can be associated to the new task.
  • Associate existing notes with existing action items
    When an existing note needs to be assigned to an existing action item (e.g. to-do, assignment, case, or discussion), this may be accomplished by clicking the new "Associate note" button, on the Note Information toolbar, below the note. The button will trigger a popup window which can display existing action items. The items may be filtered by open, closed, or all items for a given type.
  • Font size
    While a note's font size has been selectable in previous releases, a larger font can now be selected for other areas in Debrief. These include folder displays and note lists. This larger font may be selected in the Options panel. (Tools > Options)
  • Left margin
    A small left margin has been included in note displays, so characters have a little more space near the left border. This does not affect the content of the note - simply the display.
  • Link External Files to a note
    To insert a link to an external file while editing a note, right-click the mouse and select the Insert Link to File menu option. To follow the link and open the file, either (a) right-click the link and select the Go to Web or File menu option; or, (b) press the Ctrl+G keyboard shortcut key.
  • Multiselect Notes
    When in Folder view mode, the note bodies are displayed in a concatenated view. My multiselecting notes, using the mouse and Ctrl or Shift keys, selected notes can be displayed. This is useful for displaying or printing selected notes in a folder.
  • Copy notes to other folders
    To copy notes from one folder to another, not move, hold the Ctrl key down while dragging the notes from the note list to the destination folder.
  • New notes while in Note Deck view
    When in Note Deck view, new notes can now be created while in the Note Deck view. The new note is created via a new button on the second top toolbar. While the Note Deck has allowed notes to be reorganized in an outline order like index cards, the new feature allows new notes and note cards to be created on the fly at the same time.
  • Popup menu option: Select All
    A "Select All" popup menu item is available when editing a note in the main window.
  • Shortcut Keys for Notes
    Shortcut keys can be assigned to specific notes. The available shortcut keys are Alt+1 through Alt+9. To assign a shortcut key to a note, first display the note for editing, then press Alt+Shirt+#, where # is the number you wish to assign. For example, you can assign Alt+1 as the shortcut to a note by clicking Alt+Shift+1. To display which of these shortcut keys are in use, press Alt+0.
  • Expanded/collapsed folder preference retained
    When viewing the folder view with folders expanded or collapsed, the preference is retained for the next time the notebook is opened.
  • Outline bullet shortcut key change
    For moving outline bullets, the shortcut keys have changed from using the Alt key, to using the Ctrl key. For example, use Ctrl+RightArrow, rather than Alt+RightArrow. This allows the Alt-Arrow shortcut keys to exit the Outline view and navigate between recently viewed notes.
  • Outline font
    Outlines are now displayed using the default font family and size specified for notes.
  • Print Note-Only window
    The Note-Only window now can now be printed with the Crrl+P shortcut key.
  • Print Reference window
    The Reference window now can now be printed with the Crrl+P shortcut key.
  • Print Scratch Sheet
    The Scratch Sheet window now has a Print button on the Scratch Sheet toolbar.
  • Minor Enhancements
    Minor usability enhancements
  • Help Updates
    Minor help page additions and updates.

Release 2.3

  • Changes to notice if reinstalling from a release before 2.4
    If you are reinstalling from scratch (not an upgrade in place) after using a release before 2.4,

    These changes were introduced in 2.3.0, for consistency between the Main and Portable versions.
    (Some people use both versions.)

    • For new installations, not upgrades, the default folder name for notebook data files is now "DebriefDocuments". When upgrading to this release, you probably will not notice the change, because Debrief will look for existing notebooks in their current location(s). If you ever reinstall Debrief from scratch, you can direct it to your data's current folder, or move the data to the new DebriefDocuments folder - whichever is easiest for you.
    • For backups, Release 2.3.0 began using the folder name "DebriefBackups" rather than "Backups" as was done with previous releases. So after a period of time, you may want to delete the old "Backups" folder, depending on your backup strategy.
  • Default data file folder name
    For new installation, the default folder name for notebooks and reports is
  • Portable Depbrief default program folder name
    Portable version: For new setups, the default program folder name is
  • Network error response
    Improved response and messages when network errors are encountered.
  • Minor enhancements
    Minor usability enhancements.
  • Help updates
    Minor help, tutorial, and tip updates.
  • Minor bug fixes
    Minor bug fixes.
  • User profile
    Main version: For users of the main version, user profiles are migrated from the Windows registry to configuration files. (This change will not be visible to most users.)

Release 2.2.5

  • Installation
    Simpler installation for the Portable version.
  • Help
    Additional help information.
  • Note order
    Minor changes to the sort order of notes in some views.
  • System temp folder
    Use the system Temp folder rather than an application-specific Temp folder.

Release 2.2.4

  • Paper size
    Adjusted formatting for A4 paper size.
  • Shortcut keys
    Additional shortcut keys.
  • Help
    Additional help and message text.

Release 2.2.3

  • Link to web
    Introduced the capability to jump to a web page, from a web address in a note.
  • Help
    Additional help information.

Release 2.2.2

  • International date format
    Additional support for international date formats in reports and the date-timestamp feature.
  • Minor enhancements
    Minor cosmetic changes, software maintenance, and documentation updates.

Release 2.2.1

  • Portable drive letter mapping
    Portable version added support for mapping drive letters when moving the software and data from one computer to another.
  • Minor enhancements
    Minor cosmetic changes, software maintenance, and documentation updates.

Release 2.2

  • International date format
    Introduced support for international date formats, beyond the English/US date format.
  • Index while debriefing
    Added the Index capability to the Debrief feature, so newly debriefed notes can be indexed in one step.
  • Shortcut keys
    New shortcut key: In the Action Item views (To-Dos, Assignments, Cases, and Discussions), Ctrl+A may be used to toggle between showing all action items, and showing their related notes.
  • Minor enhancements
    Minor software maintenance and documentation updates.

Release 2.1.1

  • Shortcut key
    New shortcut key: When editing a note, Ctrl+Shift+T may be used to insert a date-time stamp.
  • Minor maintenance
    Minor software maintenance and documentation updates.

Release 2.1

  • New release
    The new Debrief V2 is released for public download.
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