Debrief® is used within the terms of the license agreement, for both evaluation and licensed use.

License Keys

The Standard and Professional Editions require license keys after the trial period. The no-charge Basic Edition can be selected as a menu option after installation, rather than using a license key. All editions are covered by the license agreement.

The Main and Portable versions use the same license keys. A purchased license key may be used in either version.

Trial Period

The trial period is 30 days. To use the Standard or Professional Edition beyond the trial period, you must purchase a license key. For the no-charge Basic Edition, select the corresponding menu option in Debrief's licensing window.


An upgrade key may be purchased for upgrading from the Standard Edition to the Professional Edition.

Business and Personal

When licensed to an individual, that person is welcome to use the software on both business and personal computers.

License Agreement

The license agreement is available here.


Debrief Notes
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