These are the two versions of setup programs for Debrief, Main and Portable. They may be downloaded to your local hard drive, or executed from these web pages.

The Basic, Standard, and Professional Editions are all included in both Main and Portable setup packages listed below. After installation, you may switch between the editions, evaulate each one, then select the edition you would like to continue using.

Choosing the no-charge Basic Edition is simply a menu selection, and needs no license key. If a Standard or Professional Edition license key is purchased, it will work in both Main and Portable versions.



Release 2.4

To select a setup package for downloading, click the Select button of the desired package. (Approximately 7 MB.)



Installation Type


(most popular)

Traditional installation package, appropriate for most laptop and desktop systems.

All editions and features are included in both installation packages, and may be selected after installation


Self-expanding zip file, for tech-savvy users who prefer a portable software layout.

Alternate download sites are available after clicking a Select button, above.

Get it from CNET!


Recent Changes

Recent changes to the sofware are listed here.

Previous Releases

For earlier releases, visit the Previous Releases page.


One-page feature overview.

The following documents are contained in the installation package listed above. They are available here if you prefer reviewing documentation before installation.

How to Install

For installation instructions, please see the Installation page.

Updates – Release-to-Release

To update from releases prior to 2.4, simply download the new release and install it over the previous release. There is no additional charge for updating to 2.4.

Debrief Notes
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