Where do you keep your notes? Spiral binders, legal pads, notebooks, scraps of paper? How fast can you find an idea that you jotted down last week, last month ... or last year?

What is Debrief?

Debrief® is PC software to handle note overload. Keep your notes in one place, saved in your PC. With Debrief, organization can becomes habit, while hardly even trying. Debrief provides a significant step toward remembering what you know, and where you put it.

The goal behind Debrief is to organize notes in different contexts and formats with simple mouse clicks. Examples include: daily notes, meetings, to-dos, assignments, issues, changes, risks, decisions, research, contacts, and more. To see it in action, visit the screenshots page.

Three Editions

Software for your notes

Debrief is available in three editions:

Basic Edition
Basic notes, subject folders, daily notepad. The Basic Edition is no charge.

Standard Edition
More robust note features, debriefs, views, reports, export formats, categories.

Professional Edition
Additional contexts for tasks, cases, contact management, library, index, outlines, note decks. Plus reminders, privacy passwords, accounts, deadlines. And more.

More information about the features can be found on the Features page, and
seen on the Screenshots page. A one-page overview is available here.

Available in Traditional or Portable Installations

Portable Debrief is a version of Debrief that can run on a personal computer without being installed on that computer in the traditional software layout. For example, it can be run by a guest with a USB flash drive. The Portable version contains the same editions and features as the Main traditional version. More information about the portable version is available on the Portable page.

In Summary

Debrief is available in three editions: Basic, Standard, and Professional. Debrief can be installed in a traditional or portable format, with the corresponding Main or Portable installation packages.

Installation Type
(this is the difference)
Traditional Installation Unzip program files
to a hard drive or
USB flash drive
Available Editions
and Features

(select an edition after installation)
Basic Edition
Standard Edition
Professional Edition
Basic Edition
Standard Edition
Professional Edition

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