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The following questions are frequently asked about Debrief. The responses cover the Debrief product family, so not all answers apply to all editions.

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How much does Debrief cost?
Pricing is covered on the Prices page. Prices start at no charge, for the Basic Edition.

How long is the trial period?
Thirty days. For the Basic Edition, simply select the edition on the license window and continue on. The Standard and Professional Editions each required a license key after the trial period.

What functions are available in Debrief during the trial period?
Debrief is fully functional during the trial period.

How does Debrief behave after the trial period is over?
After the trial period is over, Debrief will prompt for a license key. If you do not have a license key at hand, you may select to use the Basic Edition (no charge).


There are so many buttons! What's up with that?
One objective of Debrief is to make notes available in as few clicks as possible. Hence the use of buttons. The Professional Edition, which has the most features, allows buttons to be hidden via the Tools - Options menu path.

Where are notes stored?
The collection of notes is stored in a single file, or "notebook," which is effectively a database of notes. This notebook can be thought of an electronic version of a spiral bound notebook, but with the ability to reorganize files on the fly without affecting the original notes.

Each Debrief notebook has a ".dn" extension. For example, My Notes.dn. These files are stored where you specify. The default location is \My Documents\Debrief.

How do I backup Debrief data?
To backup Debrief notebooks to another location, simply copy the .dn files. In the mean time, Debrief can make automatic backups with a ".dnb" file extension. The frequency of the automated backups can be set with the Tools - Options panel.

Can notes be exported?
With the Standard and Professional Editions, notes can be saved to RTF format (*.rtf), to be read by word processing software.

Are keyboard shortcuts available in Debrief?
There are many keyboard shortcut keys. These are covered in the help pages.

Can notes be hidden with a password?
Debrief offers two levels of passwords. One password is used when opening a notebook. The other password is used for handling private notes. Either or both of these passwords can be used.

Can multiple notebooks be created?
Yes, multiple Debrief notebooks can be used, similar to how you may use spiral notebooks. For example, you may have one for business and one for personal use. Debrief can quickly switch between notebooks with the notebook dropdown feature.

Can the help pages be printed?
Yes. When the help is displayed, click the "Contents" tab, on the left side of the help window. (If the Contents tab is not visible, you may need to first click the "Show" button on the toolbar at the top of the help window.) The different sections of the help pages appear in the left help pane, similar to chapters in a table of contents. Each of these headings, and their contents, may be printed by right-clicking on them and selecting the "Print" option.

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