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Idealign uses an international network of e-commerce resellers to securely administer purchase transactions and deliver license keys. The different sites accept different forms of payment and different currencies – credit cards, PayPal, etc.

The use of a Standard-to-Professional Upgrade license key requires having previously purchased a Standard Edition license key.

To purchase an Upgrade license key,

  1. Click a Select button for one of the e-commerce sites. That site will appear in another web browser window.
  2. Once the transaction is complete, a license key will be emailed to the address you specify.
  3. The license key may be used in either the Main or Portable Editions of Debrief.

E-Commerce Resellers
for License Keys

Upgrade Std-to-Pro


Single license price:

$ 24.95

Currencies: These prices are for single license keys, in US dollars. Other currencies may be displayed after clicking a Select button.

Volume prices: Volume pricing information is available on the prices page, and on the e-commerce sites.



E-Commerce resellers: Select any one of these e-commerce sites to handle the transaction. All offer the same same type of Debrief license keys. If there are network issues dealing with one site, you may try another.






If you would like to share comments regarding the e-commerce sites, feel free to do so via the contact page.

Thank you for supporting Debrief.

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